Worcester Park may get much needed cash for flood prevention as a new Government bid is prepared.

The Environment Agency has agreed to work with Sutton Council to prepare a resilience fund bid for Worcester Park after torrential rain caused flooding chaos in July 2007.

Forty five homes in Green Lane were flooded when the Beverley Brook burst its banks. And flood records dating back to the 1960s record two other major floods in 1968 and 1981.

The previous Environment Agency scheme to alleviate the flood risk escalated to more than £2.1m and because the costs did not outweigh the benefits it was rejected under Government rules.

The need for action was recognised at a meeting between environment minister Huw Irranca-Davies, Environment Agency officials and MP Paul Burstow.

The Environment Agency will help Sutton Council with technical support in the development of a lower cost scheme, which may include flood storage further up the Beverley Brook.

It will carry out observation along the Green Lane stretch of the Beverley Brook and any enforcement action to make sure open land such as the Cricket Ground are available as flood storage.

Mr Burstow said: “The meeting was constructive. But it is two and half years since the last major flood residents are getting fed up waiting.

“The fact that the Environment Agency has now agreed to work with Sutton Council is good news. I hope we can see a low cost solution that will offer residents the protection they want.”

The Environment Agency also agreed to provide Mr Burstow with a more detailed breakdown of how the cost escalated to £2.1 million.

A further meeting will be held in March an an application will be submitted to the Regional Flood Defence Committee.