Do you think there is such a person as a ‘typical Tory’? What about people representing the Labour, Lib Dem or Green parties?

Are you able to tell an election candidate’s allegiance just by looking at their photos and with no other information about who they are?

Apparently more than half the population doesn’t know who their MP is, so it’s likely wannabe politicians hoping to get the public’s votes on June 8 are even less recognisable.

Our challenge here should be an interesting and possibly tricky one then – it all depends whether stereotypes are real or not.

Have a go at our quiz below to see if you can match the party with the candidate who’s representing it in next month’s general election. The candidates featured are all standing in south-west London and Surrey constituencies so you may have already seen them out and about without knowing it.

Let us know in the comments how well you scored in the quiz.