An estate agent who took pictures of clients' bank cards while showing prospective buyers around their homes has pleaded guilty to fraud.

Ayodele Oladuti, 29, of South Croydon, snapped the photographs on his phone at the same time as taking bank statements and other documents.

He would then steal their identity. He took out bank accounts and contracts in their names, before returning to their home to steal bank cards and a mobile phone.

Oladuti also bought clothes and electrical goods online and in stores.

The total he attempted to defraud his 20 victims by was £25,298.66. He was successful in stealing just over £6,000.

Oladuti began this spree after he faked references and qualifications on his CV to gain a job as an estate agent in Epsom.

A client became suspicious when he recorded footage of him removing a jewellery box from a cupboard. He reported the incident to the police and Oladuti was caught.

He admitted seven counts of fraud at Reigate County Court on Monday, March 13. He has also asked for a further 69 offences to be taken into consideration.

He will be sentenced on April 7.

Det Con Simon Evans, who investigated the case, said: "Ayodele Oladuti breached the trust placed in him by innocent victims who looked to him to help them sell their properties.

"He caused untold stress and worry to his victims, who were forced to rearrange their financial affairs at the same time as they were trying to move house."