A Tadworth couple who lost their daughter when she was 26 and created a mascot that has raised more than £75,000 for charity has been recognised by the Prime Minister.

Geoff and Jenny Smith have won a Points of Light award for creating Tadworth the Hound, the canine mascot for The Children’s Trust, which rehabilitates, educates and cares for children with brain injuries and neurodisabilities.

The couple’s daughter Jacqui worked as a healthcare assistant for the charity, so they began volunteering in her memory.

For more than a decade, Geoff has dressed up as Tadworth – a costume he found in his shed – while Jenny acts as his eyes and ears.

On one occasion, Tadworth helped a young girl who was struggling to relax her clenched fists by placing his hands on hers.

Points of Light awards are given daily by the Prime Minister, recognising outstanding volunteers and people who are making changes in their community.

Geoff said: “We are so very grateful to receive this award, and it means so much to us. We are honoured to volunteer for The Children’s Trust and very humbled by this recognition.”

A letter from Theresa May read: “You should be proud of how your innovative fundraising is lifting the spirits of young people across The Children’s Trust. It is an incredibly fitting tribute to the memory of your daughter Jacqui.”