'Earthquake'-like tremors from a damaged road in Chessington have been keeping a family awake for eight months.

One resident said Leatherhead Road is so noisy he can “hear the glasses singing the cupboards”.

Transport for London is aware of the problem but haven’t managed to fix it yet, despite action from residents and a query from Kingston and Surbiton MP Ed Davey.

Resident Roy Fisher said: “We have a dog called Heart that’s on tranquilisers because it keeps thinking there’s an earthquake which is shaking the house.

“The vets say Heart needs to be removed from the situation but it’s been eight months and we can’t put her in kennels that long.”

Because Leatherhead Road is used for access to the M25, Mr Fisher said heavy lorries come down at all hours and shake residents in their beds.

He added: “We have the front wall cracked, new plaster which we put up last year all showing hairline cracks and all I keep getting is that they’ve turned up once and the machine broke, they turned up again last week and they couldn’t do the job because there was a car parked there.

“It’s no excuse, normally when you’re going to do work you put cones up before, you don’t just turn up.”

A TfL spokesperson said: “We’re sorry for the disruption caused by the poor road surface on Leatherhead Road.

"We aim to resurface the road on Friday night as our previous attempts were delayed by broken equipment and a lack of access to the road.”