A driver was caught travelling at 60 miles per hour with a phone in each hand.

Surrey Police’s Roads Policing Unit shared an image of the offending driver on social media this week.

The force created a UK licence record for the driver, who is not a UK resident, so it could add six penalty points to it.

Officers laughed off suggestions that the driver could get penalty points and a fine for each phone.

The driver was also fined £200 after being caught on Wednesday, August 8.

“Whatever this driver had going on must have been super important,” Surrey Police’s Roads Policing Unit tweeted.

Officers are using a fleet of unmarked cars, motorbikes “and a big lorry” as part of Operation Tramline, a crackdown on distracted driving in Surrey and Sussex.

The forces had carried out a similar operation in the two counties in January in which 572 vehicles were stopped in two weeks, and more than 597 offences were detected.

“Since we ran the operation back in January we have seen a marked reduction in the number of offences that we are finding,” an officer said.

“However, that is still far too many.”

He added that the main offences officers found were drivers on their phones or playing with them in a cradle.

“Please remember it can always wait,” the officer added. “Do whatever you need to do when you get to your destination, or set the phone up and get it ready – if you are using Satnav, for example – prior to starting your journey.

“If you continually fiddle with your phone and we get sufficient evidence, you can be prosecuted for driving whilst not in proper control.

“If you are holding your phone you will be dealt with for using your phone whilst driving, which is six points and a £200 fine.”