Police officers were surprised to find a goldfish in a pint glass in the boot of a car after it crashed following a chase in Chessington.

Officers were on patrol when they noticed the suspicious vehicle.

After a chase, the car was found in a nearby road and police say the driver and a passenger ran towards nearby houses.

Inside the car, officers found items they believed to be stolen from a burglary, including a TV, cash and some shoes.

And when they opened the boot they found the fish, swimming in a pint glass that had fortunately remained upright throughout the pursuit and subsequent crash.

Kingston police spokesman Seb Ellis said: “We discovered a goldfish, in a pint glass, just sitting there chilling and casually staring at us. We couldn’t understand how even after the fast driving and the crash the pint glass was still upright!”

Officers affectionately named the goldfish Peter.

Whatever the cause of this bizarre piscine adventure, Peter was soon returned home and was placed back in his tank.

A man, believed to be the driver of the car, has since been arrested.

Kingston CID is still investigating the burglary.

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