A father and daughter are heading on an epic 430-mile fundraising journey from London to Scotland - using only public buses.

Jo Sutcliffe and Michael Condon are setting out to raise money for Parkinson's Disease by making the five-day journey, avoiding motorways and comfy coaches.

The pair are travelling from Michael's home in Worcester Park to Ayr and are hoping to do it in just five days.

The trip, branded 'From Here to Ayr', is in memory of Michael's friend Ron Barnett, who died of Parkinson's last year.

Michael, 70, had been friends with Ron for more than 50 years after meeting on a plane bound for Corfu in the 1960s.

Jo, 41, who lives in Reigate, said: "My dad and Ron had been friends for years, they'd grown old together, and my dad has missed him terribly since he died.

"He never thought he'd be affected, but he was, and he wanted to do something to remember him by.

"We both wanted to see more of the country, so we jokingly said we should go to Scotland - it started as bit of banter, really.

"But dad put together a map, which almost covered the whole of his lounge, and after hours of research, found out you can actually do it.

"It's 430 miles direct, but it's going to be a hell of a lot more, because we'll be going out of our way, so it'll probably be double that.

"You only live once, and we both needed a challenge - dad feels like he hasn't got a purpose since retiring.

"It'll be some real father-daughter bonding."

The pair have already raised £1,800 using a JustGiving page, but are hoping to raise more along the way, wearing t-shirts and carrying donation tins in a bid to smash their £2,000 target.

Setting off on May 15, the pair are hoping to arrive in Ayr - Jo's husband Joe's hometown - by May 20.

But self-proclaimed 'control freak' Jo, who is a self-employed travel project manager, says she is already worried about hiccups along the way.

She added: "I'm a complete control freak, and because there is no pre-planned accommodation and I don't really do buses, I'm being taken out of my comfort zone.

"We won't have any control over buses breaking down, and we only have an idea of our route and how long we think it'll take.

"Dad had it planned, but when I started looking at his route a couple of days ago, I realised some of the buses don't exist and one went on the motorway, which we can't do.

"I think being hungry, tired and impatient is going to be an interesting combination.

"The hysteria has set in now, but it's going to be fun."

Jo is writing a blog to document the journey, and as the pair are funding the trip themselves, hopes hotels may take pity on them with discounts.

Retired builder Michael can travel for free until they reach the Scottish border with his bus pass, but the pair are hoping bus companies may donate tickets.

They are also going to visit the Lake District, where Michael and Ron's families used to take holidays together.

Jo says the rest of the family - younger sister Laura, 35, and mum Barbara, 71 - are finding the trip highly amusing.

She said: "Laura doesn't want to do it at all, and she's finding it very amusing before we've even started.

"Mum thinks it's hilarious, and keeps asking if we really want to go.

"She would have come with, but she's got bad knees and hips and is even more high maintenance than me - I'm a bit more adventurous than her."