A drug dealer who tried to evade police on a moped by throwing a stash of drugs and a knife under a van in a chase has been jailed for three years.

Francis Barry, 18, of Rowden Road in Epsom, tossed his drugs away as he sped off from officers on two occasions in November and January this year.

The self-employed roofer had initially been chased on November 5 at 12.15am when officers attempted to stop a moped in East Street in Epsom at a traffic light.

Barry turned his moped around and sped away down a narrow road nearby, where he stashed some wraps of cannasbis skunk, cocaine and a lock knife, which was proven to have been put there by him on CCTV images.

His home was searched and a large amount of cash, herbal substances, plastic bags, scales, and a butter knife with drug residue on it were found.

An air pistol with pellets were found, along with messages on two phones that related to arranging drug deals.

He later found himself in a chase after a car he was in on January 17 pulled into Andover Road in Epsom at about 4.45pm when a man leaned into the car to do a drug deal.

Officers followed the car and it later stopped in Blakeney Close, where Barry, as the front seat passenger, attempted to outrun officers.

During the chase he threw wraps of cocaine and cannabis which were found on a search after his arrest.

His home was searched again where £3,000 in cash, mobile phones, scales, a knife with drug residue and wrap bags were discovered.

He was charged and pleaded guilty to possessing class A and class B drugs with intent to supply, and possession of a bladed article.

He was sentenced at Guildford Crown Court today to three years behind bars, along with the condition he be banned from possessing air gun ammunition and pellets for an air pistol found at his home.