A vintage poster advertising a spring race meeting at Epsom Downs in 1935 has been included alongside other iconic images in a new calendar.

The image features in the Art for London Transport 2014 calendar by Transport of London (TfL), which contains 12 nostalgic examples of early 20th Century publicity campaigns, designed to generate interest in the blossoming public transport industry.

They range from popular London sightseeing destinations, to newly connected holiday destinations elsewhere in the country.  All 12 posters are currently in the London Transport Museum’s archives.

As well as Laurence Bradshaw’s Spring meeting poster, the museum’s archive includes several other Underground posters promoting the Epsom Derby and Summer meetings at Epsom from the 1920s and 30s, created by a variety of poster artists including Herry Perry, Vera Willoughby and Dorothy Paton.

The London Transport Museum’s exhibition marking the Tube’s 150th anniversary, Poster Art 150 - London Underground’s Greatest Designs, is on until January 5, 2014. 

It showcases 150 of the greatest London Underground posters ever produced, including a poster created by Andrew Power for the 1933 Epsom Summer meeting.